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Monday, April 17, 2006

Reverse Glass Ceiling

I've never written about my job before. Those of you that have attended Drinking Liberally (when I've been able to attend) know where I work, and that I love it there...except for this:

I've run into a brick wall lately. I have applied for a position in another department three times, and have not been treated fairly all three times. I'm applying for this position for several reasons: interest, a new challenge, it's a natural career path for me, and of course the pay raise. But I've run up against a glass ceiling, one usually reserved for one of the not so much white-male sector of the population.

To define, from Wiki: "The term glass ceiling (or officially known as 'vertical segregation') refers to the observation that upper management in corporations and other large organizations consists predominately, if not exclusively, of a certain demographic (e.g., white heterosexual men) despite non-discrimination policies. A "ceiling" is suggested because persons outside the dominant demographic group are evidently limited in how far they are able to advance inside the organization ranks; the ceiling is "glass" (transparent) because the limitation is not immediately apparent. The "glass ceiling" is distinguished from formal barriers to advancement, such as education or experience requirements. The existence of the glass ceiling is frequently cited as a failure of existing anti-discrimination action."

Basically, what happened is that three times I've applied, and three times this department has hired a less qualified woman. I have absolutely no issue with whomever they would hire, if they are the most qualified/best fit person that applied and interviewed. That is, however, not the case. My company works on the basis that you can hire whomever you want, just make it look legit. Even in my own department, many people have been passed over for promotions and extra duties because they weren't part of the "inner circle," those that have the power and make the decisions. Apparently, I have to be a woman to be hired in this department, or kiss a lot of ass in my own to move up. Sorry, but I come from the school of thought that those with the best ideas, the merit, the talent, and the proven abilities move up. Apparently, not so much. I guess it only took me 4 years out of college to figure that out.

Does anyone else out there have a similar experience here in Milwaukee? Any suggestions?


Phelony Jones said...

Have you asked for an explanation on any or all three occasions? Or in any way bought this to the attention of your HR dept?

Benny B said...

I've asked for an explanation all three times, and HR has never gotten back to me...when I talked to the hiring manager, she stated that they would be hiring again soon, and the pattern repeated. Even when I stood up for myself, I got turned around again.