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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Weren't our gas prices supposed to go DOWN? Here's a site that shows the current state of Milwaukee gas prices. I'll give you a hint: not pretty.

Didn't Bush tell us that by going to Iraq, and "fighting HIS good fight" that we'd have lower gas prices? Bush allowed fuel rules to be tightened this week, but not by much, and they don't go into effect until 2008. This "savings" amounts to a few weeks worth of oil consumption, not the years that Bush would have you believe.

It's getting harder and harder to afford to drive to work. Other countries pay a lot more for gas than we do, but they also use LESS of it. With wages stagnant (while CEO salaries shoot through the roof), it becomes harder for middle-class Americans to afford gas. (Read the original post at STiTP).


*Belle* said...

I just filled up my SUV...50 bucks later...

Kelly said...

Filled up my car today...$28.40 later!!!! I hate gas prices. Be thankful you don't have to drive for your job because I fill up too often and don't get enough back from my company.