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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Worse than Watergate

Herbert: "Now, with George W. Bush in charge, the nation is mired in yet another tragic period marked by incompetence, duplicity, bad faith and outright lies coming once again from the very top of the government. Just last month we had the disclosure of a previously secret British government memorandum that offered further confirmation that the American public and the world were spoon-fed bogus information by the Bush administration in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq." [NYT]

Stem Cell Debate: "That alliance was on prominent display last week when, to protest a bill supporting the use of embryos for stem cell research, President Bush appeared with the McClures and 20 other Snowflakes families, kissing the babies, some of whom wore T-shirts that said "former embryo," or "this embryo was not discarded." Federal and state lawmakers have held similar appearances." [NYT]

I respect your beliefs, but you are flat out ignorant. How old are your parents? Do they have Alzheimers? Diabetes? Know anyone with these ailments? You are too short-sighted to look beyond these tiny clumps of cells and see what is on the horizon: cures to some of the nastiest diseases of our time. They need to step into my shoes for one week. One week. As a sufferer of Type I Diabetes, they can take all of my shots for me, which are considerable. They can prick their fingers for me to test their blood to see if they need to take yet another shot, or eat something. I don't wish ill upon anyone, but I just would like these people to open up their eyes and see the suffering that goes on. What is "Christian" about withholding treatment for those that suffer??? These are left over clumps of cells from fertility clinics...why throw them away when we can use them to solve medical problems!?!

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