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Thursday, June 09, 2005

This Old Cub

Wild Bill Holdman: "It's beyond comprehension. Walk outside, watch the ground pass under your feet and imagine heading for the next town, the next state. Imagine walking over mountains, across rivers, around lakes. Imagine doing it in snowstorms, thunderstorms and sweaty 95-degree heat. Then imagine doing it by yourself, your only human contact coming with strangers who don't believe where you've been and can't grasp where you're going.

This has been the life of Bill Holden since Jan. 11, when, motivated by the story of Ron Santo, he hopped on a highway in Prescott Valley, Ariz., and headed for Wrigley Field with two goals: to raise $250,000 for juvenile diabetes and to arrive in time for the Cubs' July 1 game against the Nationals. (Today, Monday, June 6, he's in Springfield, IL, on his way to Lincoln, IL. About 240 miles still to go.)" [ESPN] [ThisOldCub] [JDRF] [WildBill'sWalk]

Here is a guy with no cartilage in his knees, walking from Arizona to Wrigley Field. He relies on the kindness of strangers and the depths of his heart and soul to get him there. All because he fell in love with a team, whose star of yester-year, Ron Santo, has juvenile-diabetes (Type I). As a sufferer of juvenile-diabetes (Type I), Santo's story holds special meaning to me. For this man, Bill Holden, to walk 2,100 miles to raise money for JDRF is amazing. [Donate]

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