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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Damn Snow

And damn cold...

I just wanted to rant briefly on the snow cleanup, or rather, lack thereof. We got about 7-8 inches of snow on Monday afternoon and evening, into Tuesday morning. It started snowing mid afternoon on Monday, and there was NO cleanup by the DPW...none. It took us 50 minutes to drive from the East side to our home in Brown Deer that night. The roads just continually got worse, and we did not see even one plow on the way home. Not one...not even a salt truck.

The cleanup after snowfalls this year has been truly pathetic. Not sure what can be done, but here is an idea:


If you're driving a plow, please, drop your blade! IF I see a plow during or after a snowstorm, they are usually trying to salt four inches of snow, rather than actually plowing. I don't get it. Let's try to improve the cleanup...please!

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Chuck Evil said...

I am glad I get to miss out on this hard core winter weather you guys are having in WI this year. Right now for me it's and sunny pretty much every day with lows in the 70's highs of the upper 80's. Check it out http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/63125.html

I feel for you guy and I will be sure to drink another beer too keep cool.