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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

Senator Feingold today on the 4th Anniversary of "Mission Accomplished:"

“The four-year anniversary of “mission accomplished” comes on the heels of one of the deadliest months since our invasion of Iraq. The anniversary reminds us that we shouldn’t give credence to an Administration that has made such disastrous mistakes in Iraq. Congress should listen to the American people and not an Administration that has been so wrong, and so dishonest, so many times. The President should acknowledge the will of the American people and sign the Iraq spending bill Congress is sending him today.”

Four years ago, Bush stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier and proclaimed that the violence in Iraq was over, that all major missions were completed, and that the "war" was won. How wrong he was...and even more wrong was our good-puppy press lapping it up, and proclaiming that we'd won..."they" lost. The only people that won are Bush and his cronies, that continue to profit off of the lives of our soldiers. They blatantly lied to the nation and mislead us into a never ending conflict. Bush: sign the withdrawal bill. Do something right for a change, without thinking only of your donors and those who stand to profit from the death and carnage in the Middle East.

Update (7PM): Seems Bush vetoed it anyways.

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charles said...

The best part is the legislative branch is finally voicing out and trying to act on what has been going wrong. The best part is I was watching Aljazzera and the Iraqi government is in a real mess. It seems that the Sunni based members are going to break away from the government by May next year if things don't change. It might be a good hint for Bush that as long as the USA is doing the same thing the country will be in all out civil war then the troops will really be out of there. The legislative branch really needs to hold to its case and push a new course.