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Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Recommendations for Tuesday

I won't call them "Endorsements" because they would carry all of the weight of a paper hammer. Instead, they are recommendations on how I hope these races turn out.

I urge you to support for reelection, Governor Jim Doyle. He has turned around a huge budget deficit, and has done a competent job in Madison. He's not perfect, he's not all that inspiring. But, his commitment to Education, something of utmost importance to me, and our futures, sets him FAR above challenger Mark Green.

House, 5th District:
I urge you to support Bryan Kennedy over incumbent F. Jim Sensenbrenner. Sensenbrenner is a partisan hack, who when challenged, takes his toys and goes home. Support a real change, vote Bryan Kennedy.

House, 8th District:
Kagen. Why? Vote Kagen. Gard is a pinched, self-serving, you-know-what. Can't stand him. Oh, and I'm qualified to say this because this is my home district. I grew up in the Green Bay area, and I know the people there. I still have a LOT of family up there. Kagen is the only choice in this race.

Does it really matter? Seriously. Van Hollen doesn't understand what the job is, and Falk is, according to Van Hollen, underqualified. Vote Falk.

Marriage Amendment:
Vote NO! VOTE NO!!! A Fair Wisconsin votes NO! This is such a backwards attempt at criminalizing something that is already illegal. Who the hell cares if someone is gay? Who the hell cares what they do with their lives? They should be afforded all of the same conveniences and legalities that everyone else is. I seem to remember something in an important National document that states "all men are created equal." I guess the Republicans didn't get that memo.

Death Penalty:
Vote NO! Vehemently, and without shame, vote NO. This is another attempt to turn Wisconsin's clock back to the "good old days" of 1850. It's called rehabilitation people.

Howard-Suamico Schools Referendum(s):
Vote YES and YES. Most of you in the Milwaukee area don't know anything about this one, but I do. The first question is to build a new, sorely-needed elementary school in Suamico, and the second is to do improvements on existing buildings. The district is expanding at an alarming rate, as families move out of the cities to the quiet "suburbs." Vote YES and YES to ensure that these kids have a classroom to go to every day.

There are many other races that I could profile, but haven't the time at this point. This should get you started anyway. I know, big surprise, I recommended the Democratic ticket. I don't hide my allegiances, and will flat out say right now that I REALLY hope the Dems take back both the House and Senate, and we can get back to doing the business of this country, rather than just for big business.


The Game said...

looking for liberals who like to debate the other side....feel free to come by and say hi...tomorrow could be a good day to do that

Kelly said...

I was number 95 this morning at 9:00 in West Allis...I think you know which way my vote went!

charles said...

Even though I am not a liberal, but its good to see that the public came out and made a good showing. I have heard and gave plenty of gripes of what is going on in DC and I am glad that the people of the USA are sick of it as well. Now lets see if they can keep up their promises to tackle the really hard issues. Otherwise its buisness as usual here in DC with corruption, lies, and selling out the american people.