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Friday, August 25, 2006


So, we just moved from our duplex on the east side, near the University, to Brown Deer. We really like it here so far. The neighbors seem nice, and the house is fantastic.

I wanted to find our new polling place online, so I knew where to vote in the primary coming up in two short weeks. I also wanted to find out whom our State Representative and Senator were. Little did I expect.....

F. Jim.

I can't say that I'm surprised, but after being spoiled by having Gwen Moore as our Rep for two years now, I'm more than disappointed.

I met Bryan Kennedy two years ago at an event for GrassRoots NorthShore, where he showed up to campaign for F. Jim's seat. I was immediately impressed by his poise, and most especially, his message. He was positive. He was engaging. I wasn't in his district, told him so, and he still wanted to talk to me. This was someone that I could get behind. Now, I am able to get behind him for real, where my vote will count for him.

For anyone on the fence in this race, if that's possible (if only because F. Jim is so polarizing), I urge you to give Bryan Kennedy a chance. Check out his campaign website, and the comparison between the candidates.


Jason said...

What else would you expect when you moved to the suburbs?

WatchdogMilwaukee.com said...

Welcome to Brown Deer.

We have an interesting primary going on right now.

Anonymous said...

Jason is on target. Moving to a red zone without looking before you leap amazes me. Welcome to the new millennium, and have you heard about what happened in Florida and Ohio? Or even in the inner city of Milwaukee?

You will have plenty of polling machines and no waits in line when you vote, as in the inner city and some university-area polling sites.

But you may not have Dems on the ballot for many local races. That is life in lots of the burbs around here. So I moved to the city, where we have lots of fantastic houses close to the university -- and lots of great neighbors (including students). I will not live in a red zone in our barely-blue state. I will not even buy in the burbs or otherwise patronize red-zone businesses.

Benny B said...

No, I knew what we were getting into, moving to Brown Deer. I knew that I'd probably be gaining a F. Jim, and that this part of town wasn't going to be nearly as liberal as the East side where we were. Maybe we can change it from the inside! Looks like there is a very interesting primary for the 23rd District State seat...