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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Johnny Everlasting

I'm embarrassed.

No, I didn't trip over my shoelaces, or fart in public. I'm embarrassed because of Johnny Lechner.

I attended and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. (Note to UW-M students: I have no qualms with the Wisconsin-Whitewater moniker. Let that be a lesson to you.) I had a fantastic time in college, and I graduated in five and half years with two bachelors degrees.
Never once did I want to stay in school longer than that. By the time I finished, I was READY to be done. Not so for Johnny Lechner, who has already been in school for 12 years, and is coming back for more. This of course has earned him notoriety and some small measure of fame. Stop. Don't feed his ego.

He was scheduled to finally graduate this spring. Five days before graduation, he pulled his application, and stated: "I realized that if I went one more year, I could study abroad," Lechner said. "That's one thing I haven't done."

I was at UW-W at the same time, in the middle of his perpetual stay. I met him a few times, mostly because he could play a guitar and liked to serenade the ladies. Ladies: he has nothing to offer you...he's 29, and still in college...the first time.

You can unfortunately read more about him here: [JohnnyLechner.com] [CNN] [JSOnline]

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Mike said...

I think you should be more pissed at the press for continuing to cover this guy...