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Friday, March 24, 2006

Walker Walks Away

Scott Walker gave up his bid for the Wisconsin Governorship today.

"Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is pulling the plug on his bid for the governor’s office, leaving fellow Republican Mark Green a clear shot at incumbent Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle in November. He planned to make the announcement early this evening during a speech at a Republican Party congressional caucus in Waukesha where Green was also scheduled to appear. "I give my full support and endorsement to my friend Mark Green," Walker said in a speech prepared for a 5th Congressional District audience at the Country Springs Hotel. He released a copy of his remarks this afternoon to the Journal Sentinel." [JSOnline]

Make no mistake; this is a big win for Wisconsin. But, we have miles to go with Mark Green, who is worse than Walker, if at all possible. The DPW had this to say:

"“The good news for Wisconsin voters is that Scott Walker is out of the race; the bad news is that extreme Mark Green is still in it. Make no mistake; Scott Walker would have been the wrong choice for Wisconsin’s next Governor. But it is hard to recall a candidate as vulnerable and ill-suited to serve as Mark Green. "

Good Riddance Walker...I hope you don't ever run for office again; but that might too much to hope for.

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