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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Halliburton Lobbies for Human Trafficking

"President Bush and Congress mandated a "zero tolerance" policy towards human trafficking years ago. So why hasn't the Defense Department adopted a similar policy for its contractors? The Pentagon drafted a proposal six months ago prohibiting defense contractor involvement in human trafficking, but five defense lobbying groups hindered the policy. The lobbyists who support human trafficking represent firms such as DynCorp International and the Halliburton subsidiary, K.B.R., both of which have been linked to trafficking-related concerns." [Source]

I guess all you have to do is come out with a strong stance and say that you have a "zero tolerance policy." You don't actually have to follow through with it. It just makes it so much more ironic that the firms lobbying for human trafficking are directly tied to VP Dick Cheney. Weird...

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