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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Marquette To Start Over On Nickname

Someone finally woke up.

After a week plus of protests, anger, and discontent, Marquette Board President, Fr. Robert Wild re-opened the nickname search. Marquette, who selected "Gold" for a nickname one week ago, will choose a new nickname soon. They will however not entertain the "Warriors" nickname of old. [JS Online]

"The turn of events was a stunning about-face from last week when 30 of the 38 members of the board voted against going back to Warriors, junk Golden Eagles and adopt Gold, a nickname they felt embraced the traditions of the school's sports team.

The decision to go back to the drawing board also was a big victory for the legions of alumni, students and faculty who vigorously protested through e-mails, letters and angry phone calls - and on Internet blogs, online forums and chat rooms.

We were not winning hearts and minds," Father Robert A. Wild, Marquette's president, said of Gold nickname choice."

Good call. "Gold" was HORRIBLE. As I am not an alumni, I don't have a very strong opinion, but "Gold???" WTF!?! Terrible. Here are some readers opinions.

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